Commercial API

Set/Change Domain

Commercial API Information
You can purchase our API From JustGaming. We accept both Credit/Debit Card & Crypto! We will deliver you an license instantly, that you can use to unlock commercial usage for your domain.

Our API is locked to the HTTP Referer header sent by the client's browser, so this solution should only be used by those who are looking to for example use JsonP or any other ajax/client made requests through a web browser.

You can confirm that you are on our commercial version by reading the json response, it should contain "premium" and that should return true. It is only returned if you send referal headers containing your domain, like a normal client browser would.

Any questions regarding the commercial api? Send me an email to [email protected]

This is not a solution for those who are looking to make thousands of requests from a single IP Address. The API Key will be locked to one single domain!

License Key

Limits of the Commercial API
  • Commercial use
  • Perfect for jQuery/Javascript
  • Unlimited requests